A prescription for Surgical burn-out

Beth Frates
Dr. Beth Frates is President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. An acclaimed author and assistant clinical Professor at Harvard she has helped shape and add scope to the field of lifestyle medicine. Her mission has been to empower patients to reach their optimal level of wellness by adopting healthy lifestyles. Following the pandemic there has been a renewed interest in her field of work especially in the field of physician burnout. As director of lifestyle medicine and wellness for the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, she has helped craft an innovative wellness initiative which sought to address the high rate of burn out amongst surgeons. Her efforts perhaps offer an anti-dote to the increasing number of professionals choosing to end their careers early in a hope of finding a suitable work-life balance.
An award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School and an acclaimed author.

Beth Frates wears multiple hats. She is a pioneer in lifestyle medicine and education and practises lifestyle medicine via her health and wellness coaching company, Wellness Synergy, LLC. She is an award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School and an acclaimed author. One of Beth’s earliest literary success came with her book  The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook: An Introduction to the Power of Healthy Habits.

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