Modify, Simplify and Apply

Professor Dhananjaya Sharma
Dhananjaya Sharma is Professor of Surgery in Jabalpur, India. Taking his inspiration from Occam’s Razor hypothesis he has worked tirelessly to find the simplest and most cost-effective interventions in surgical healthcare. His maxim of ‘modify, simplify and apply’ is the antithesis of the spiralling costs associated with medicine across the globe.
Cost-effective surgical solutions for an International Surgical Community

Nobel laureate Marie Curie once said: “be less curious about people and more curious about ideas”. It’s a philosophy surgeon Professor Dhananjaya Sharma has very much taken to heart.

He took time out from the Center for Global Surgical Innovations and Low-Cost Solutions in Jabalpur, India, to talk to SURGERY about his work: from what drives him to ‘modify, simplify and apply’, to his thoughts on retiring in less than two year’s time.

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