A company which specialises in surgical robotics and mixed reality closed a $5.2 million fundraising round earlier this year.

Zeta Surgical announced in the Spring, that it will use the capital to finalise the development of its neurosurgical navigation platform Zeta and its non-invasive focused-ultrasound system ZetaFUS.

The money will enable Zeta Surgical to finish its initial clinical studies, obtain FDA clearance and expand its technical and clinical teams.

“To date, the use of surgical guidance has been limited to long, operating room-based interventions, due to its invasiveness and complex deployment,” Zeta Surgical Co-Founder and CEO Jose Amich said.

“Our goal is to provide physicians with a robust, fast, and accurate guidance system deployable during any case, irrespective of where they are in the hospital or what hospital they are in. We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a strong group of investors who are aligned with our mission to improve access to safe and effective surgery.”

Innospark Ventures led Zeta Surgical’s fundraising effort with the participation of TSVC, Y Combinator, Trevor Fetter and others.

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