The Sustainable Surgeon

Andrew Dold
Andrew Dold is an Orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist interest in the field of sports medicine. His career has taken him from Ontario to Trinity College Dublin to Fellowship training in New York. He is currently Director of Star Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Frisco and Coppell, Texas. Having become aware that large amounts of hospital stock was being bought in bulk and was expiring without ever being used he developed a system which allowed institutions to list stock that would likely go unused and to sell this elsewhere. Driven by an interest in healthcare sustainability he has developed a platform into a growing business.
A conversation with Andrew Dold on Orthopaedics, Sports medicine and sustainability in Surgery

It was the four crushed metatarsals in his left foot that first made Andrew Dold consider a career in Orthopaedics. And the dislocation of his right shoulder - twice - and a broken hand and jaw that made him begin “thinking to myself that it would be a rewarding profession to be in, to help young athletes like myself at the time, get back to the things that they love to do.”

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